Extra Life Repair Inc. offers flexible training courses for your staff and certifies them to be ready for anything.


Service Staff

Service staff members are all about customer service, they have a basic knowledge of how to keep your arcade up and running but their focus is on keeping your customers happy more than they focus on fixing games. Service staff training can be done in one session or multiple sessions depending on the availability and number of staff members to be trained.


examples of what we could cover: redemption, customer service, game disabling, safe cleaning, "know your games", ball balancing, tickets, coin jams, and lights replacement

Basic Technician

Basic arcade technicians are the driving force behind keeping your games in top shape, they should have great customer service skills and the drive to learn more about the ins and outs of every game. Technician training is recommended to be done in multiple sessions to cover the most scenarios and allow hands on practice time. Educational material is included for each technician staff member to keep after the training.


examples of basic technician skills covered: applicable general staff skills, safe power tool usage, Molex, quick connects, button repair, multi meters, coin hopper repair, ticket mech repair, gun calibration/repair, wire management, AC/DC power

Advanced Technician

Advanced technicians should also have great customer service skills but what really makes them tick is getting their hands dirty and problem solving to get a game back up and running. Ideally advanced technicians should already have some knowledge and experience in a technical field, working their way up from a basic technician is a great way to guarantee they have aplicable knowledge. Advanced technician training is usually done on a single technician by technician basis to cover their specific needs over the course of multiple sessions and ensure lots of hands on training time.


examples of advanced technician skills covered: all basic tech skills, soldering, safe CRT handling, basic electronics/components, schematics, PC repair, game payout settings, board diagnostic, vendors, leadership strategies

Because every arcade has different needs please contact for pricing and more information.

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